CenturyLink Offers Comprehensive Cyber security Services in Singapore

Digitization and new technologies have changed business processes and functions entirely, across all industries and departments. As the dependency on automation, artificial intelligence, and advanced networking continues to surge, cybersecurity is becoming a relevant and inevitable concern for enterprises around the world. CenturyLink Singapore reimagines the approach to IT security, with a more comprehensive approach. In this post, we are discussing more on how the company is changing the game for clients.

More than just IT security

CenturyLink not only focuses on preventing cyberattacks and crimes. As a reliable and known Managed Service Provider, the company focuses on cybersecurity in entirety. They work on fortifying the network perimeter for an enterprise, with security steps that focus on multiple layers. CenturyLink also ensures that clients have assistance through IT security consulting, besides continuous monitoring. Besides obvious Network security, they also specialize in DDoS and Web Application Security, Email and Web Security, Infrastructure Security, and Cloud Security. The company has experience in risk management, analytics and threat management, which further strengthens the approach to enterprise security.

Maintaining a proactive stance

Via their Threat Research Labs and continuous check on Network Security, CenturyLink maintains a proactive stance towards the job. No matter the project or the extent of their involvement, they ensure a company is guarded and protected. Besides preventing cyberthreats, they keep a watch on the changing environment of IT, so that every possible lapse and room for threat or breach is sealed, well before something ruins an enterprise’s security layers. CenturyLink also specializes in ensuring compliance, so clients can stay updated and in sync with new privacy laws and other regulations, which may impact their processes and operations.

Extensive assistance, more services

CenturyLink also offers services like IT consulting, hybrid cloud plans, networking deployment and risk management services, which makes the company a true Managed Service Provider. The company ensures complete transparency in their services, and since they have worked in diverse industries, such as healthcare, retail, media, gaming and financial services, their expertise expands to different IT problems. CenturyLink is well-geared for the challenges thrown at them, and their global presence and ability of serving businesses worldwide has earned them a respectable name in the industry of managed services.

CenturyLink stands for advanced IT and networking services, and cybersecurity remains one of their core areas of expertise. To know more on what they do, check their website or contact their team.

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