A Weekend In Bromont: Explore The Best Of Quebec!

The French influence of Quebec is hard to ignore, but the province is also blessed with incredible landscapes, and just one vacation is never enough to explore it in entirety. If you are coming from Montreal and want to visit one part of Quebec on a weekend, we would recommend that you consider Bromont. Here’s more on what your stay would feel like.

Something for everyone

From zoo à granby to Ski Bromont, there are endless things to explore here in Bromont, and this extends to every season. The Granby Zoo is great for the kids and is home to close to 200 species of flora and fauna. If you are in mood for some fun, go for skiing in winters, and in the summers, you can explore the trails that are huge and can be found all around the mountain.

Relax, pamper

On a weekend in Bromont, you can explore the idea of pampering. Amérispa Château-Bromont and Balnea Spa are two of the most loved spas in the area, and you can find a whole bunch of massages and services, including thermal experience. If this is a break with your spouse, we really suggest that you spend the weekend exploring the trails and enjoying these services.

Stay at a good hotel

There are some really known and popular hotels beyond Ski Bromont, so consider these as an option for your stay. You can actually get some great deals and packages online, which may include the stay with local activities, and this is a great way to save some money. The weather in Bromont feels amazing in every weather, so just enjoying the pleasure of your hotel is not a bad idea either. The best hotels also have amazing restaurants and the food has French influence at most places.

Try the food

As we mentioned, food in Quebec is all fun and there is so much to explore. What makes the food here in Bromont fun is the range – You can try everything from unique French cuisine to the regulars like American breakfast, and you can consider a wine tasting session too. The idea is to make a shortlist of the best-rated places, and you can plan your meals accordingly.

Bromont may not be a big city with many clubs, but nothing beats the experience of staying here for a weekend, enjoying the weather and taking part in all kinds of touristy things.

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